Becoming Impossible to Offend: Act Like a Duck

Have you ever met that person who gets offended by every little thing? He or she can twist the words of another person so that it becomes a personal insult, when really the unfortunate someone had no intention of doing such. Don’t be that person, okay?

Instead, why not try to be the person who is immovable in their security? A friend of mine once gave me some advice on how to keep from becoming easily offended or hurt - “Act like a duck… let it roll of your back.” No, really, it works! Ducks have oil on their feathers, so the water just rolls off their back. You’ve got (or need to get) security and confidence in your heart, so insults, jibes, or any offense just rolls off your back. See the connection?

Every time I’m begin to get my “feathers” ruffled, I just think, “Act like a duck.” Really, the thought is so absurd that it makes me focus on something other than self-pity. I smile and then I just shrug. Now, I’m not perfect. Stuff still hurts. It just hurts for a lot less time.

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